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Both my studying of Interactive Design & Design Management at university and early employment helped me understand the core principles behind successful design practices and techniques, as well as challenged me to think outside-the-box and apply both psychology and business strategy towards progressive solutions. Whilst working as a web designer I also learnt about industry SEO & social media practices, and inparticular how it can be used to help small businesses flourish and become recognised.

Over time I gravitated towards working as a freelancer, as I seeked to learn more through working on my own projects, managing them from start to finish. I’ve enjoyed liasing with clients, and personally helping them grow their business, and have developed a specialty in offering bespoke web design & social media services to smaller, localised businesses and start-ups, who are looking to increase their web presence, develop their brand and embrace innovative thinking.

Episenta Design
Web Design, SEM & Branding Specialists for Local Businesses

About Episenta Design

Episenta Design was created with the aim to help small to medium local businesses establish an online web presence and develop their brand, through creating bespoke design packages fit to the clients needs. Whether you need web or print design solutions, or require the latest relevant social seo practices to attract your target audience, we can help.

We specialise in helping smaller businesses get off the ground from having zero to little brand identity, visibility or market reach, to become an appealing, recognised business with a local presence, whilst providing scope for growth.

Through design thinking and understanding human behaviours & trends we can also provide an insight into how your business can reach more customers on a more personal level, and improve innovative thinking through Episenta UX.

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About Rich

As a visual thinker and learner, my natural curiosity
to discover and grow has led me into a flexible, non-linear career path over the years. At first this chosen path (scanner approach) seemed like a problem, but over time it has come a blessing, learning that having multi-disciplines to your bow has become a sought after attribute.

Part of this curiosity has enabled and liberated me to travel around the world, adapting to new challenges, whilst gaining inspiration and knowledge along the way, and has subsequently helped fuel some personal projects in more recent years, including my own freelance design and user experience business Episenta, my travel blogging site Travelspired as well as Healinno, a social idea platform formed from my love of innovation and my experiences from travelling.

My most recent endeavour since travelling has been
to teach English abroad as a foreign language which has been a really interesting experience so far!